Step 1:

  • Spinocare NST brings most of all solutions in step 1.
  • Eliminates/ reduces pressure on nerve through decompression
  • Negative pressure is created by gently stretching & releasing the vertebrates
  • Negative pressure helps herniated Disc to get back to its position
  • This also helps the disc to draws more oxygen, water & nutrients back.
  • The disc rehydration helps in the increase of disc height

Step 2:

  • The range of motion is improved through Computer aided Spinocare mobilization as well as manual techniques.
  • The spinal muscles are relaxed and spasms released
  • The core muscle of spine and pelvic floor are strengthened through mobilization using Spinocare.

Step 3:

  • The damaged soft tissues in muscles, ligaments and tendons are repaired through fibroblast using advanced modern technology.
  • The cell regeneration is stimulated using cell repair & regeneration stimulation technology
  • In the process, degeneration of vertebra bones is treated through like Cell Repair & Regeneration Therapy. This helps in osteoporosis condition.

Step 4:

  • The 3-dimensional bilateral correction helps in realignment of vertebrates
  • Further manual therapies are applied for improving the muscle wellness and spinal alignment

Step 5:

  • AceFit EMS training, regular calisthenic exercises, yoga therapies are applied (as required) to further strengthen the core muscles and for postural corrections
  • The nutritional imbalances, metabolic corrections, weight management are achieved through life style management and supplements. Active lifestyle with regular exercises plays a pivotal role in this step.

Step 6:

  • Regular exercises and ergonomics training are given as a part of recurrence management program for long lasting results