Non-Surgical Solutions for your Back & Neck Pain

Drugless & Non-Surgery

We do not offer temporary solutions like pain killers. For us, Surgery shall be the last option only when other options failed and only when it is absolutely warranted.

Wholesome Healthcare

Our Extensive Diagnostic evaluations & comprehensive treatment with 360° approach help to bring back your health.

Advanced Technology

We use very advanced and technologies to ensure best quality in diagnostics & treatment with higher precision and efficacy.

Integrated Approach

We combine modern non-surgical technologies with physiotherapy, ergonomics, rehab exercises & nutritional balancing to offer holistic wellness to you and your spine.

Welcome to 360˚ Spinal Wellness


Not all back and neck pains require surgery. If treated on time, we can avoid surgery in 85-90% of cases. Again, the reliance on pain killer drugs & injections are not the right approach because pain is only a symptom and not a disease by itself. We offer 360˚ approach towards spinal wellness. We treat the root cause of the problem to offer a long-term solution.

Our MDCSR spinal wellness program is a 360˚ comprehensive approach that offer total spine solutions, without painkillers and surgery. MDCSR offers one of the best-in-class non-surgical spinal treatments that do not just treat the pain; but reverses the root cause and restores spinal wellness.

We Offer

360° Spinal Wellness & Rehabilitation offers more advanced, detailed and documented assessments like Digital Musculography functional assessment tests and other diagnostic evaluations to understand the root cause of your problem that many others fail to offer. At 360° Spinal Wellness & Rehabilitation, we offer integrated spinal wellness programs that blends modern science with specialist expertise, physiotherapy, active exercise programs, nutritional balancing, diet & lifestyle consultation offers complete 360° approach for your health and wellness.

At 360° Spinal Wellness & Rehabilitation, we offer:

Primary Care (Non-Surgical): For those who have been diagnosed with spinal disorders, but unfit or want to avoid surgical procedure.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation: For those who have already undergone surgical procedures for Spine disorders but requires rehabilitation treatment for improved quality of life.

Preventive Programs: For those who are at high risk of spinal disorders but want to avoid suffering. Example: prolonged mobile & computer users, people with overweight & sedentary life style, post pregnancy women etc.


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360° Spinal Wellness Approach

Our Process:

We first understand the person and cause of the disease before start treating the pain. Our Rehab experts and/or physicians listens to you carefully and diagnose you. the treatment programs are then designed that are tailor made for you. our programs shall be designed to offer 360° solutions that help to reverse the condition. we don’t just focus to treat your pain symptom.

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Our Patients Say About Us

Vivek p nair
Vivek p nair
I can confidently express my utmost pleasure since the difference between the day 1 I went to consult this team before a month & today is considerably high. Mr. Anand Varun who heads the advanced physio therapy in their Trivandrum facility (SK Hospital) and his team Ms. Noufiya & Ms. Neethu has extended their sincere support & guidance in overcoming my severe back pain due to disc prolapse. Am so thankful & obliged to this highly talented team. Special mention to Mr. Anand who has helped me to motivate me psychologically to overcome my stress. Kudos to 360 degree spinal wellness and I shall undoubtedly recommend to one & all who is suffering from back pain issues.
fayaz shaik
fayaz shaik
Get your treatment and return with a smile is what they strive for.
anandavalli k
anandavalli k
Got relieved from my back pain.
Aiswarya CA
Aiswarya CA
Very good service and nice staffs.
dinesh kumar
dinesh kumar
Best treatment ever