NS3 MDCSR Spinal Wellness Program

NS3 MDCSR Spinal Wellness Program

Not all back pain requires surgery. You can treat it without surgery with MDCSR program.

What is NS3MDCSR Spinal Wellness ProgramTM?

NS3MDCSR Therapy offers the one of the most efficient and comprehensive non-surgical spinal care that the world has ever known. Treatments are given through the advanced medical technologies, holistic approaches and the efforts of our clinical team. NS3MDCSR Spinal Wellness ProgramTM is not a single method of therapy, but rather a multi-pronged system that focuses on getting to the root cause of your condition for the neck or back pain. At 3600 SPINAL WELLNESS &REHABILITATION, we never underestimate the importance of other methods of treatment. But we advocate to let spinal surgery be the last option and other chemical based temporary painkillers be the least option. Our body is the best doctor that the God has ever created and nature is the best resource. We use advanced science that helps the body to defend itself. We use all-natural means of care that fixes a slip-disc. NS3MDCSR Spinal Wellness ProgramTM makes it possible for a medical practitioner or physiotherapist to fix even the severest neck pain and back pain without medication, spinal injections or spine surgery.

Neck and back pain are the most common health disorders in the world today. Back pain is the leading cause of disability in people under the age of 45 while neck pain is affecting the majority like wildfire. Our modern lifestyle is impacting our health more than it ever did. The prolonged sitting (home, work, and car) coupled with the weak head and neck postures we get into while texting are the leading causes of neck and back pain and now a disability!

Treating Neck Pain, Back Pain, Slipped Disc without Surgery, injections and drugs with NS3MDCSR Spinal Wellness ProgramTM:

NS3MDCSR Spinal Wellness ProgramTM is enriched with Spine Specific Technologies and Programs that heals back pain, neck pain, nerve pain and the slipped disc without Surgery or Injections. We treat root cause of the pain with technology!

Neck and back pain today are the crippling conditions affecting the young and old alike. Neck and back pain have many causes, pain resulting from a herniated or protruded spinal disc (Slip-Disc) is on the rise. Today, herniated or Slip-Disc, protruded or prolapsed disc (Bulging Disc) is at epidemic levels for which there is no much solutions. Many procedures have come and gone; few are helpful while others made things worse!

The vast majority of treatments have neglected and often ignored the fact that the human spine is a complex entity comprised of ligaments, muscles, discs, and joints. Most of them focused only on temporary pain relief ignoring to address the root cause. Hence, their approach often failed to produce long-lasting relief for those in pain. Due to these failures, some had to resort to invasive surgical procedures that requires cutting and throwing away the protruding/ projected-out disc parts. The traditional physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments rendered for those with a slipped disc have proven less effective with aged technologies which focuses on fewer areas like strengthening muscles, postures, inflammation and pain. They seldom focus on the restoration of disc health. Also, the precision is missed often in those techniques where only human skills are depended.

How is this system of spine care better than other system ?

With the high percentage of recurrence of pain symptoms in chronic spinal disorder conditions, we can understand that the aged technologies or ‘human only’ manipulations aren’t sufficient to bring better results. Few people jointly can lift a car, but a pully can do it more effectively and seamlessly; likely, regular manipulation techniques of chiropractors and physiotherapists are definitely good but not sufficient for more precise and effective results. We need more than manipulations and strength exercises if we need to reverse the root cause problem.In NS3MDCSR Spinal Wellness ProgramTM, we combine both human skill and machines for much powerful results. This combination makes it happen what a simple traction or just manipulations or surgery cannot offer: reversing of the condition naturally- nurturing and restoring the disc health- without harmful side effects and scars.

We use computer guided 3-Dimentional techniques to create decompression on the slipped disc to reduce or eliminate the pressure on the pinched nerve. The process doesn’t stop here. Unlike surgery where you cut off the part of disc that has slipped or just using painful pulling and twisting techniques with traction, here in NS3MDCSR Spinal Wellness ProgramTM,we create more precise gentle stretching and a negative pressure. While the stretching allows the disc to get back to its normal position, the negative pressure stimulates the body’s mechanism to refill the target area with water, oxygen, minerals and nutrients. This revives and restores the disc health. This increases the disc height while making it a healthy disc again. Here we do not attempt to give patients a temporary pain masking solution. We work on reversing the cause to bring more long-lasting wellness to your spine.

We aren’t done yet. We offer mobilization to relax and improve range of motion. We also focus on repairing & strengthening of muscles. We also offer 3-Dimensional corrections to treat misalignment of spine. Our advanced technologies focus on improving bone health. Corrected postures, diet & nutrient balance, obesity management and activated lifestyle are the key elements if you want to bring back your spine’s wellness and NS3MDCSR Program does all these for your wellness. These are done without any painful procedures, painkillers or surgeries. This is a complete package to offer 3600 solutions to your spine health. Now tell us, isn’t NS3MDCSR Spinal Wellness ProgramTM better, safe and effective than most other methods?

Why should you choose 3600 SPINAL WELLNESS & REHABILITATION and NS3MDCSR Spinal Wellness ProgramTM over others?

By choosing us, you opt for the most advanced non-surgical spine treatment that fixes and repair disc damage. Let our experts help you reclaim your life. Only 10-15% of the patients with spinal disorders require surgery. While the rest either lives with pain or mask it temporarily with pain killers. People are left with less options: either get operated or take injections/ drugs.Surgeries, drugs and epidural steroid injections has got their associated side effects. People want options which are safe and effective with NO side-effects or negligible side effects. We understand the needs of patients and the shortfalls or limitations of current conservative treatments. The degenerated discs, bulging discs, herniated discs, sciatica and posterior facet syndrome were dangerous conditions, taking months and even years to develop. We strongly feel that, correcting such long-standing conditions require expert knowledge along with a state-of-the-art science-backed technology properly equipped for the task.

We follow the protocols that incorporates non-surgical decompression, mobilization, correction, strengthening and restorative procedures better known as the NS3MDCSR Spinal Wellness ProgramTM. It is specially created to assist physicians and healthcare providers in the non-surgical treatments of the spine. It includes evaluation, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures specific to the treatment of the neck and back. Our methods will increase Dural mobility, increases CSF flow, balances autonomic nerve system and in-disc pressure reduction in both cervical and lumbar region. This concept not only helps in relieving pain symptoms but also helps in resolving fundamental problems of spinal ailments.

We Offer :

  • Mobilization for spinal muscles and joints.
  • Unilateral correction according to herniated site.
  • 3-Dimensional Decompression mode for nucleus type
  • 3-Dimensional Correction mode for annular type

Opt for one of the most comprehensive therapeutic protocol in the world today- NS 3MDCSR Spinal Wellness ProgramTM:

NS3MDCSR Spinal Wellness ProgramsTM are only available through certified NS3MDCSR Spinal Wellness Centres. It consists of a combination of manual and advanced therapeutic modalities, specific to individual patient conditions and diagnoses. NS3MDCSR Spinal Wellness ProgramTM is not a single form of therapy, but rather a series of specific treatments given to stabilize the spine as a whole through the following “five-way approach”:

  1. Spinal Muscles:
    Making sure that the spinal muscles are free of damage (adhesions and scar tissue) and proper strength. If muscle damage or weakness is detected, then a series of therapies, both manual and through advanced therapeutic devices, are delivered to bring about positive changes. Also, a specific strengthening program is prepared for each patient for his or her condition.
  2. Spinal Ligaments:
    NS3MDCSR Spinal Wellness ProgramTM considers ligament health through specific procedures geared towards repairing and strengthening. Similar to muscles, specific manual, physiotherapeutic and strengthening programs are prepared based on patient condition and needs.
  3. Spinal Discs:
    Spinal discs are one of the most complex and most important anatomical structures in the human body. Today, the vast majority of spinal disorders are associated with disc malfunctions. Therefore, treatment of the spinal disc is at the heart of NS3MDCSR Spinal Wellness ProgramTM. The goal is on rejuvenation, repairing, stabilizing, strengthening and maintenance.
  4. Spinal Joints:
    In NS3MDCSR Spinal Wellness ProgramTM spinal joint alignments are carefully checked and stabilized. When spinal joint misalignments are detected, a clinical team will provide specialized care to improve joint alignment and joint pain treatment.
  5. Spinal Nerves:
    NS3MDCSR Spinal Wellness ProgramTM evaluation methods are utilized to see if there is nerve root compression as a result of related spinal disorders. If nerve root compression is detected, then a series of manual and highly advanced and highly specialized medical devices are utilized to take away, or at least minimize, the compressive effects on spinal nerves.

NS3MDCSR Spinal Wellness ProgramTM is the form of non-surgical spinal decompression therapy through which clinicians are encouraged to consider patients’ age, weight, height, diagnosis, the severity of a condition, overall general health and much more prior giving them patient any treatments. Each treatment is unique from start to finish. Each session is customized, per patient, per condition. Additionally, patients are monitored for efficiency and response.

Which Conditions Respond Best to NS3MDCSR Method of Non-surgical Care ?

NS3MDCSR THERAPY PROGRAMS are specifically created to assist in the treatment and rehabilitation of spine in following conditions:

  • Herniated/protruded disc
  • Bulging disc
  • Degenerated disc
  • Sciatica
  • Facet syndrome
  • Headache & tingling in hand / legs
  • Chronic Neck pain
  • Chronic Back pain
  • Weakness in hands / leg
  • Numbness & tingling in the extremity’s
  • Lower extremity pain
  • Upper extremity pain
  • Failed Post-surgical Syndrome (failed surgeries that did not involve fusion or implant attachments)

NS3MDCSR Spinal Wellness ProgramTM is for those who suffer from mechanical spine disorder as well as conditions listed above. It is one of the most holistic non-surgical methods of spine care in the world today. NS3MDCSR Spinal Wellness ProgramTM is one of the world’s best slip-disc treatment options available. Protocols of the therapy make it possible for you to get holistic care from the team of competent clinical spinal rehab specialists, advanced technology and other integrated approaches. Why would yousettle for spine surgery or painkillers when you can have NS3MDCSR Spinal Wellness ProgramTM that offers complete spinal solutions non-surgically?