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Spine is one of the key parts that are responsible for the overall quality of life. Almost 80% of the population suffer from one or the other spinal conditions in some point of life. Spinal disorder may permanently demobilize you, if no proper care is taken.Not all the patients need immediate surgery. When treated on time, necessity for surgery can be avoided in most cases.

Most of the existing solutions that are available for spine treatment has limited results. It is mainly because they fail to address the root cause of the problem. Strengthening of muscles or exercises are certainly good, but not sufficient for long term solutions because it does not address the root cause. Surgery has its own risk factor. Failed Back Surgery Syndrome statistics confirms the fact. So, it is essential to understand the root cause to find an optimum solution.

At 3600 Spinal Wellness & Rehabilitation, we offer integrated spinal wellness programs that blends modern science with specialist expertise, manual rehabilitation techniques and other conservative management to offer holistic approach that treats the person; not just the symptoms. MDCSR is not a single treatment method. It is a multi-pronged approach.

True spinal wellness approach is not all about treating the symptoms. It’s about treating and reversing the root cause of the disease and to restore the wellness. We recommend surgery as the last resort to bring back wellness, when all other treatment approach fails.

The Best Solutions to most of the spinal ailment, according to us, are:

  1. Advanced Non-Surgical Technologies: usage of modern technologies that stimulates body’s natural healing capacity with minimal or no use of drugs and steroids.The computer guided third generation 3-Dimensional technology offers precision in approach and high efficiency in results.
  2. Manipulations & Rehabilitation: Advanced technologies aptly aided by manual techniques including physiotherapy/ osteopath/ chiropractic offer enhanced results.
  3. Lifestyle and holistic approach: Posture corrections, obesity management, diet control, nutritional supplements, fitness training including EEMS &yogasanas form our third way of approach for recurrence prevention of back problems.
  4. Surgical Solutions: We are not anti-surgical, but we strongly feel that surgery should be the last option when all other approach fails to give any relief. Most of the chronic spinal disorders doesn’t require surgery if treated on time.