3600 Spinal Wellness Approach

3600 Spinal Wellness Approach

We follow six-way approach to offer 3600 spinal wellness solutions

Advanced HI-TEC tools (Non- surgical equipments):

State-of-the-art Hi Tech Non- surgical equipments to reduce/ eliminate the nerve compression, disc rehydration, improved mobilization, alignment correction, muscle repair& regeneration, Strengthening of core muscles, bone health etc.

Regular electro physiotherapy:

IFT, TENS, Muscle Stimulator, Ultrasound can significantly help in inflammation reduction, blood supply restoration, pain relief, muscle spasm reduction etc.

Manual Techniques:

Spinal manipulation, McKenzie method, Neuro Dynamics, Neuro Kinetic Control, Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy Technique etc shall help in restoring spinal health to a greater extent.

Postural correction:

Ergonomics plays a crucial role in restoring alignment of the spine and to maintain the spinal and paraspinal muscular strength.

Strengthening exercises:

We use the most advanced EEMS training methods to strengthen the spinal muscles apart from personal training, yogasanas etc. Combating pot belly obesity is other key focus of these training regimens. Unless postures are corrected, obesity controlled and core muscles are strengthened, no long-term solutions could be arrived.

Diet and nutritions:

Diet and nutritions play a greater role in the health of bones, joints, discs and muscles. We pay equal importance in your vitamins and mineral levels to help achieving spinal wellness. Lifestyle corrections are essential for efficient recurrence management.